CRESLI led Local Whale Watching  with the Viking Fleet


2017 Great South Channel Offshore Whale and Pelagic Bird trip

(51 hours)

Great South Channel

  • Leave Montauk at 6:30 PM on TBA  and head to Martha’s Vineyard (MV) to pick up (and drop off) passengers.  We expect to arrive at Oak Bluffs in Martha’s Vineyard at around 12:30 AM on TBAwe leave MV at 1:00 AM and proceed to the GSC. 

  • We should reach the whale grounds around day break, spend the next 24 hours amongst the whales and birds of the GSC. 

  • The following morning, we will have the option of either remaining on the whale grounds, or returning early to Martha’s Vineyard for land-based birding, hiking, or other activities.  The vessel will ultimately depart Martha’s Vineyard at 4:30 PM on TBA and return to Montauk at 9:30 PM on TBA.